Product News

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   PNU-02-102023    Product upgrade notice-Pressure Line Filter
   PNU-02-102023    Product upgrade notice-Return Line Filter
   PNU-01-022020    Release of New Product-YD-03
   PNU-30-062018    Product upgrade notice – MP*-01& MP*-03 valve series
   PNU-01-062018    Product upgrade notice – MS*-03 Valve
   PNU-01-022018    Product upgrade notice – YSG
   PNU-01-122017    Product upgrade notice – HPV2
   PNU-01-092016    Release of New Product- PVV-10
   PNU-26-082016    Upgrade to YCB-06/10
   PNU-01-042016    Release of New Product- SVG-01
   PNU-01-032016    Release of New Product catalog
   PNU-01-022016    Supply of Parision Controller to be Discontinued
   PNU-01-082015    2015 Release of Engineering Information Sheet
   PNU-26-012015    Product variants & Design numbers
   PNU-17-012015    Upgrade to PG1 – Gear Pumps
   PNU-01-1014    Upgrade to CRG-06
   PNU-01-0914    Correction to EI-Sheets
   PNU-01-0414    Correction to EI-Sheets
   14-04    Paint of Piston Pumps A, A3H, AS/ASP, YSD